Using the “Retrieve Only” Checkbox in Commits

When working with the metadata api, there are relationships between profiles and components that may require both to be selected in order to commit such dependencies. However, let’s say that you do not want to commit the component in this relationship, as you are not making a change to that component.  Instead, you would rather just commit a dependency within the profile. 

With Copado, you can mark components as “retrieve only”, in the metadata grid of the commit changes screen, to commit dependencies such as the FLS and OLS of a profile.

By marking a component as “Retrieve Only”, the component is not committed to the feature branch, and not deployed. This is useful in instances where you need to update FLS or OLS in profiles. 
  • For example, to update the FLS in a field for a profile, you will commit the profile, and the field as “Retrieve Only”. This in turn will retrieve the FLS from the field that is set to “Retrieve Only”, and apply those changes to the profile.

For more information about commits, check out the articles Commit Changes Overview and How to Commit Changes

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