Scheduled Jobs

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With scheduled jobs you can perform automated jobs in your organization on a scheduled basis (Hourly, Daily or Weekly). You will now have a more granular scheduling using Copado Webhooks.

Scheduling Jobs

To schedule a job follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduled Jobs tab and click on New.
  2. Click on Look up Copado Webhook and choose the job you want to schedule.
  3. Select a running user and the number of days to keep in the history.
    Make sure that the running user has a Copado license assigned and permissions to perform the job and has created an API key.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Once the record has been saved, click on Schedule.
  6. Select the desired scheduling basis and click on Create Cron Expression.
  7. Once you have saved this, the Schedule Information panel will display the current configuration:

If you want to unschedule the job, all you need to do is click on Stop to stop the job and, optionally, on Delete to remove the record.

Examples of Scheduled Jobs

There are a lot of actions for which you can scheduled a job, from running Selenium tests to calculating org differences or deploying a promotion. For more information about all the available options, please take a look at Copado Webhooks.

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