Value Stream Map Thresholds

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Thresholds is a feature included in Value Stream Maps that helps you identify where a process block may have reached a critical point and you need to take action or acknowledge a bottleneck.

For example, in your Develop stage, you can set a threshold for your Idle Time metric higher than 24 hours, when this criterion is met, a red color will be displayed over this metric within the Value Stream Map. 



  • Only numeric characters are currently supported in thresholds configuration. 
  • Custom metrics are supported with threshold configuration. 
  • Only the color red is currently supported if the Value Stream Map exceeds a threshold for a given stage or process block. 

How to Create a Threshold Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Value Stream Map tab.
  2. On the View Page, select Configure VSM Thresholds

Configure VSM Thresholds button

  1. Here, you can enable/disable the threshold feature to display or hide it on the Value Stream Map. In this case, you need to enable it. 

Enable thresholds

  1. Define the values for the thresholds that need to be configured. Set a threshold by selecting higher than or lower than operations and entering a number in the text box.  

Define values for Thresholds

  1. Click on Save. Upon saving, you will see thresholds in the Value Stream Map based on what you’ve configured.

Thresholds will only be displayed when the Show Thresholds toggle button is enabled on the Value Stream Map page.

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