Data Deployment Error: Collection size exceeds maximum size of 1,000

When creating a data template in Copado, the error below might be returned when selecting the org credential for the template.

"Collection size 1,035 exceeds maximum size of 1,000"

The error will be returned when the number of objects to be displayed in the Main Object filed below exceeds 1000. This will happen if the org selected contains a high number of objects.

You can fix the error above by excluding objects that you are not going to use in data templates. This is how you can exclude objects:

1. Navigate to Setup -> Custom Metadata Types
2. Click on Manage Records next to Data Template Setup
3. Click on Edit for Disabled Main Objects
4. You should see a field named "API Names". If you you don't see the field, go back to the step #3, click on Disabled Main Objects instead of Edit, edit the layout and add the field "API Names".
5. In the "API Names" field add the API Names for the objects you are not going to use in data templates to exclude them from the list and prevent the error above.
6. Click save after adding the objects.

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