How to rename, commit, promote and deploy standard field labels

In order to change the label of a standard field in Salesforce, you need to use the Rename Tabs and Labels feature. From the Setup, enter Rename Tabs and Labels in the quick find box and then select Rename Tabs and Labels.

Rename the standard field for example, the case field called Description can be renamed ‘Case Description’.

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Now you can move the new label to a different org with Copado following the steps below:

  1. From a user story, click on Commit Files and commit the field you have just renamed and the custom object translation for the Case object and language English, which was the language selected when the label was changed.

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Please note that not all the standard fields are deployable with Salesforce Metadata API, therefore we recommend that you use the Retrieve Only option with standard fields. This will prevent the deployment from failing if the field selected is not deployable.
  1. Commit the components selected and check that the new label has been committed in Git.

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  1. Promote and deploy the user story.

If your deployment fails with an error similar to the one below:

“[Case.CaseNumber] An object 'Case.CaseNumber' of type CustomField was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory.”

This means that the standard field you selected in the commit is not deployable with the Metadata API and it has to be selected as Retrieve Only.
  1. Once the deployment is completed, the field will appear as renamed in the Rename Tabs and Labels page in the Setup in the destination org.
IMPORTANT: Bear in mind that for some standard fields like Name, you will have to commit the entire object, since these fields are part of the "attributes" of the object, and those are not nested components retrievable separately.

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