Data Step with Related Records

In this article we will show you how to deploy data with related records. In the example below we will deploy an account record and contacts.

Please bear in mind that all the objects you want to migrate must have an External Id field with unique values.

  • Step 1 (Accounts): Select external_id__c, name, from account
  • Step 2 (Contacts): Select external_id__c, lastname, account.external_id__c from contact
  • Step 3 (Orders): Select external_id__c, date, account__r.external_id__c from order__c
  • Step 4 (Order Line Items): Select external_id__c, order__r.external_id__c, quantity__c, price__c from order_line__c
For more information about the Data deployment step, check out the article Deployment Step: Data.

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