Backend Release 2021-08-31

Updated 4 months ago by Copado Solutions

Bug Fixes

  • When doing a continuous integration deployment with the Deploy all Files feature, the following error is no longer returned: [ unfiled$public] An object 'unfiled$public' of type EmailTemplate was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory (KI-00207).
  • Classes Without Coverage and Triggers Without Coverage fields are now populating correctly (KI-00325).
  • When deploying user stories with a Compliance Check automation step, NullPointerException error is no longer displayed (KI-00445).
  • Copado Auto Resolve feature is now merging translation files correctly (KI-00448).
  • All StandardValueSets components are available in the metadata grid (KI-00453).
  • Destructive changes are now deleting GuestSharingRules from the feature branch (KI-00233).
  •  If the org where Copado is installed has one or more subfolders that don't have a parent folder, the deployment will no longer fail with the error: Could Not perform Git Deployment. Deployment ID = a0K3V00000FvN6KUAV"  (KI-00467).
  • If you change the repository in a user story and perform a recommit with recreate the commit status, the first commit is now updated as Commit not in branch (KI-00468).
  • After generating the snapshot differences, when clicking the Show Diff button for update operations, the screen no longer gets stuck on the loading step(KI-00475).

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