Metadata Grid not showing some Metadata Types

When refreshing the metadata grid for a sandbox, you may notice that some metadata types are not shown. This might happen with Apex Classes, Layouts or some other component types.

This issue will happen only in sandboxes that were refreshed to get the latest Salesforce release Winter'20 (API version 47). 

What is causing the problem?

With the API version 47, Salesforce has introduced new values in the "RetrieveResult" object which is associated with the retrieve() call.

These new values shouldn't be returned when using the Metadata API version 46, which is the one Copado is using at the moment, but Salesforce has included them by mistake in the API version 46 of the retrieve() call. The values are returned when doing a retrieve with API 46, but the WSDL (in version 46) doesn't contain these values and this is causing the retrieve() call to fail for some components.

In the Salesforce documentation below you can see the new values in the property "manageableState" which are not available in the same properly in API 46.

API 47:

API 46:


These values don't belong to any Metadata component. They are part of the information returned when doing a retrieve() call with the Metadata API therefore there is nothing that can be done on the customer side to avoid the issue. We are currently working on our side to prevent the error.

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