User Story Path

Updated 4 weeks ago by Copado Solutions

When working with user stories, Copado displays a path that allows you to quickly see in which environment the user story you are working on is as well as the user stories ahead and behind of that environment.

The path component is a Visualforce page. If you have upgraded from an old version of Copado and cannot see it, follow these upgrade instructions to add the Visualforce page to the User Story layout. This component is also available for Lightning record pages.

Let’s say you have been developing a feature in your Dev1 environment and you create a user story to commit the changes. When saving the User Story record, a path appears with the Dev 1 environment highlighted in blue:

The number of user stories ahead shows the number of user stories that are ready to be promoted from Dev1 in this case to the next environment, but have not been promoted yet.

The number of user stories behind shows the number of user stories that are in the next environment in the pipeline, staging in this case, and that have not been back promoted to the current environment (e.g. if you have made changes in the Dev2 environment and have promoted them to the staging environment, but have not back promoted them to Dev1).

Once you promote the user story, the record will be updated and the path will display the new environment of the user story highlighted in blue, while the previous environment will turn green:

This visual is very useful as it gives you quick information about where your changes are within your pipeline as well as an indication of the number of changes that will need to be back promoted in order to keep your environments in sync.

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