CLI Overview

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The Copado CLI is a Salesforce CLI plugin. This tool allows you to execute Copado-related tasks from an IDE/Terminal and leverage Git and Salesforce commands, Agile or issue tracking tools, such as Jira, and user story automation, among other things.

Let’s see how you can configure the CLI and start working with it.

Requirements and Set-Up


In order to start using the Copado CLI, you need the following elements:

  • Salesforce User and Managed Package licenses.
  • Copado credential.
  • Copado license.
  • Branch Management pipeline.
  • Salesforce CLI.
  • Git
  • .gitignore file in your Git repository.
  1. First of all, you need to download and install Salesforce CLI, as Copado CLI is a Salesforce CLI plugin.
  2. Insert the following command: sfdx plugins:install @copado/copado-cli to install the Copado plugin. During the installation process, both plugin and dependencies will be installed.
  3. Link your Salesforce CLI with your Copado CLI using this command: sfdx copado:auth:set -u [], where the username is the credential you have already authenticated in Copado. You can use the command sfdx force:auth:web:login to authenticate the org where you have Copado installed.
  4. You can authenticate multiple orgs to work with the CLI and then use the command sfdx force:org:list to get the list of orgs that have been authenticated and their corresponding org Id.

Now that you know what the Copado CLI is and how you can set it up, take a look at our CLI Commands article to learn more about the actions you can perform with the CLI.

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