Copado User License

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  1. The Copado User license is designed to help customers better manage the release management process of requirements from one or multiple sandboxes that are part of a Git pipeline to production. It allows business users and developers to interact with user stories and manage projects following agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, etc.).

This license is restricted to user story functionality where users assigned to this license will contribute to the pipeline, and these users are allowed to perform deployments to all types of sandboxes. They simply interact with the user stories, add metadata to their user stories and in doing so contribute to the deployment pipeline.

License details: Copado User is a user-dependent license and includes all Copado Guest functionalities. It can be used with or without version control (Git), yet it requires Copado Branch Management licenses to identify which orgs are connected and how between each other.

Roles/Users: Typical users assigned to this license type are developers, project managers,  business users, release managers, scrum masters, product owners or admins.


  • Keep your business context and associate metadata and Git metadata changes on user stories.
  • Add commits to user stories: Files within those commits will automatically be deployed when promoting the user stories.
  • Add Manual, Data, Custom Setting, Deletion, Script or Callout Steps to a user story to make sure also non-metadata steps are also completed before or after the deployment of a feature.
  • Perform static code analysis per user stories.
  • Run apex tests for user stories.
  • Run compliance tests for user stories (available with Compliance Hub).
  • Set up quality gates with Salesforce configuration to provide release managers intel if a user story is completed, approved, tested and ready to be released.
  • Increase collaboration between project team members, with e.g. business & developer tests aligned on a user story context.
  • Overlap Awareness: Copado will detect potential conflicts when same metadata items are selected against multiple user stories.
  • Quick check for potential conflicts of specific metadata with other user stories (only with git)
  • Integration with Rally, Agile Accelerator, Jira, VersionOne, Azure DevOps (formerly known as Microsoft VSTS): import user stories from external providers. Copado provides a bi-directional integration for Jira and Azure DevOps. 
  • Use sprint wall and work manager dashboards with backlog, backburner, sprints and other configurable panels.
  • Promote: Select a set of user stories that are approved for promotion, and Copado will create 1 single deployment that combines all the changes automatically (available with Copado Branch Management).
  • Back promote user stories to lower environments (available with Copado Branch Management).
  • Validate user stories (available with Copado Branch Management).

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