CLI .forceignore File

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

When working with the CLI, you can use a .forceignore file to exclude specific elements when pushing your changes.

Please review the .forceignore file to make sure everything you would like to exclude is included in it.

Important Considerations

  • If you are working with the DX source format, this file will be preconfigured by default and will always be available.
  • If you are working with metadata, the .forceignore file will not be available by default and you will need to create one:
    • If you don’t create a .forceignore file, the following default exclusions will be applied: ['**/jsconfig.json','**/.eslintrc.json','**/__tests__/**','package.xml','**/*-meta.xml'].
    • If you want to create custom exclusions, you will need to create your own .forceignore file in the app’s root directory. We recommend that you start with the default exclusions ['**/jsconfig.json','**/.eslintrc.json','**/__tests__/**','package.xml','**/*-meta.xml'] and keep adding other elements you want to exclude.

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