How to Cancel a Conflict That Was Resolved Online

Please note: the steps described in this article must be performed in Classic.

When using the Online Conflict Resolution feature to resolve conflicts manually, the conflict resolution is stored in Copado so that it can be used later automatically if the exact same conflict happens again in the same repository. This is called Smart Conflict Resolution.

If you resolve a conflict manually and you later realize it was solved incorrectly, there is a way for you to cancel that conflict resolution that was stored.

Whenever a conflict is resolved manually, an attachment with the resolution is created in the Git Repository record. If you delete this attachment, the next time this conflict happens, Copado will not apply the resolution, and you will have to resolve it manually again.

The attachment with the resolution is located in the Notes & Attachments related list, in the Git Repository record. That related list is not visible in the Visualforce page, therefore you will have to override the page doing a url hack. If the related list is not visible after overriding the Visualforce page, you will need to add it to the page layout.

In order to override the Visualforce page, follow the steps below (must be performed in Classic):
  1. Copy the Git Repository record's Id.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  3. Remove home/home.jsp from the url.
  4. Paste GitRepositoryId?nooverride where 'GitRepositoryId' is the Git Repository record's Id you copied in the step #1
  5. You are now in the standard layout for the Git Repository record, overriding the Visualforce page.

Once you are in the standard page with the Notes & Attachments related list, click on the Go to list link to open the full list of attachments and look for an attachment with a name similar to this one:


Note that the attachment name contains the name of the class where the conflict was resolved, in the example above, 'AccountOperations' and the extension '.conflict'. If you open the attachment, you will see the class after the conflict resolution. This will help you identify the right attachment. By deleting that attachment, Copado will forget the resolution for that specific conflict.

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