Refreshing Org Metadata

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

In order to improve the speed of metadata retrieve, we cache your org metadata and store this information in the Org Credential object. You have the ability to view and search your metadata as well as to refresh it.

Copado automatically refreshes the metadata in the destination organization after a successful deployment, but you can also refresh your org's metadata at any time either manually or automatically.

Manual Refresh

To manually refresh your org's metadata, navigate to an Org Credential record and click on the Refresh Metadata Index link:

Automatic Refresh

If you want your org's metadata to be automatically refreshed, you can do so by means of a scheduled job. To create a scheduled job, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduled Jobs tab and click on New to create a new scheduled job.
  2. Give your scheduled job a name and click ion Look up Copado Webhook to select the job:

  1. Select Refresh Org’s metadata cache.
  2. Select a running user and click on Save.
  3. Next, click on Schedule to set the frequency:
  4. The available options are hourly, daily or weekly. Set the desired frequency and click on Save:

Your org's metadata will be automatically refreshed at the specified frequency.

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