Data Sets

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Data sets is a feature included in Copado Data Deploy that enables you to take a snapshot of the data stored in a certain environment and save it for use in the future or deploy it to other environments in your pipeline.

While you can easily move data across different environments with data templates, you may sometimes need to deploy a static set of data, something that is not subject to changes, as most of the data in your orgs can be. This is where data sets come into play. A data set can capture a specific piece of data at a certain point in time and save it in a CSV file that you can later deploy to other environments.

Data sets are based on a data template, therefore if you want to capture, for instance, CPQ data from your production org, you need to have a CPQ template that uses your production credential and then select it in the data set, but we will get to that later.

Let’s take a look at some of the use cases for data sets.

Use Cases

  • Import data from external databases into a data set and deploy that to a Salesforce environment.
  • Generate a training environment with a specific set of data to test a feature.
  • Create a data snapshot from a Salesforce environment to use in other environments or tools (e.g., for analysis or reporting purposes).
  • Create different versions of your data at specific points in time so that you can revert the changes and go back to an older version if required.
  • Schedule regular data backups using a scheduled job with a data set deployment.


  • Data sets are only supported in Lightning mode.
  • The Match Owners and Match Record Types options are not currently supported.
  • The option to migrate attachments is not available at the moment.

Now that you have an idea of what a data set is, review the article How to Create a Data Set to learn how to generate a data set.

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