Backend Release 2021-06-21

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Key Features

  • You’re now able to manually upload and deploy file versions with different file names in data sets. So, after the files have been generated, you can modify the CSV files locally and upload them as new versions with any file name.
  • Code Scans will treat each user story and org scans as a branch and no longer as a project, so you can see all work in one project. Copado will now create one CodeScan project per pipeline: 
    • If the scan is run from a user story, a new branch will be created with that CodeScan project. The Code Scan name of the branch will be the name of the user story Git branch (e.g.: feature/US-XXXXXXX)
    • If the scan is run from a credential, a new branch will be created with the Code Scan project that is related to the credential environment's pipeline. The Code Scan name of the branch will be the Git branch name of the target org.
      • If the environment is tied to more than one pipeline, the scan runs in all the projects associated with those pipelines.
  • Copado will deprecate support for attachments in vlocity-settings and will only support uploading Salesforce files. We recommend that you migrate the vlocity-settings in your org. You have two options to do so:
    • Manually change the attachment to files by downloading the attachment and uploading it as a Salesforce file.
    • Run this Apex script that automatically converts attachments into files. You can configure the deleteAttachments setting within the script:
      • If set to false, the original attachment will not be deleted after conversion and you can choose when to delete it.
      • If set to true, the original attachment will be deleted after conversion.

 If you run into any challenges implementing these changes, please reach out to our Support team by creating a case.

  • Copado will enforce a constraint in environment variables with unique values-scope and they will now work based on the following hierarchy/priority structure:
    • If the same value is used in two different environment variables with overlapping scope, the more specific scope will win.
    • If the scope is empty for the same value in two or more environment variables, no replacement will be done. The value should be unique if no scope is defined.
    • Scope and value combinations should be unique across all environment variables.
    For more information, please refer to the Environment Variables article.

Bug Fixes

  • The top-up for credits and Selenium minutes has been fixed and will be recharged monthly to your organization (KI-00367).
  • The deployment of subfolders no longer fails if the name starts with a number or special characters. (KI-00418).
  • Layout and record type assignment order is working as expected when taking Git full snapshots (KI-00369).
  • You will no longer receive two emails when there is a merge conflict in a Git promotion job (KI-00410).
  • CustomObjectTranslation deployments are now working as expected when using the promote and deploy feature. 
  • Nested metadata commit with DX format no longer removes from the feature branch the rest of the nested components not committed in the file (KI-00382).
  • You can now deploy:
    • Zipped Static Resource with DX source format. 
    • Subfolders and their components (KI-00002).
    • Vlocity components of type String (KI-00400).
    • The following metadata types: Action Template, IMDomain, Navigation menu, ChannelObjectLinkingRule, Audience (KI-00359).

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