Sample Licenses Composition

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Possible Composition of a Development Team Within an Organization

  • 3 Developers with one sandbox each: Salesforce recommends that each developer and admin has his/her own sandbox.
  • 1 Release Manager.

Possible Pipeline

  • 3 Development orgs.
  • 1 Integration environment.
  • 1 UAT environment for user acceptance testing.
  • 1 Hotfix environment for fixes in production.
  • 1 Production environment.

License Compositions

  • Only for branches synchronization and git merges: 1 Copado Enterprise Edition for the Release Manager + 6 Copado Branch Management licenses (each arrow represents one CBM license).
  • Only for user stories management with metadata: 1 Copado Enterprise Edition for the Release Manager + 3 Copado Change Management licenses (one for each developer). The Release Manager has CCM license included within CEE license.
  • Branches synchronization + User Stories Management: 1 Copado Enterprise Edition + 3 Copado Change Management licenses + 6 Copado Branch Management licenses.

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