Characteristics of a Good User Story

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A good user story is INVEST:

  • Independent: User stories should be self-contained, independent of other user stories.
  • Negotiable: User stories should be available for changes and rewritten until they start to be implemented in a time box.
  • Valuable: Each user story should deliver a business value to the user.
  • Estimable: Each user story should be capable of being estimated to determine its size/effort.
  • Small: User stories should be small enough to fit in a time box.
  • Testable: User stories need to provide information that is necessary for testing, i.e. to make the development of tests possible.

User stories are created following the pattern described below:

                        As a <user role>, I want to <goal> so that <reason>.

With this user story description, users describe the role or type of user, what they want to achieve and why.

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