Salesforce Deployment Status page shows more components than Git Metadata deployment step.

If you want to deploy components with Copado directly from git, you can use the Git Metadata deployment step. This step will deploy the components selected from a specific commit in your git repository.

When deploying with this specific step, if you look at the deployment status page in the target org, you might see that the number of components deployed is higher than the components selected in the deployment record in Copado.

This will happen when your deployment includes metadata that has nested components, for example, custom objects. Git Metadata deployment steps allow you to select files but not nested components inside the files. You can select a custom object but not a custom field. If a custom object is selected, the entire file for that custom object in git will be deployed what means that all the custom fields and other nested components inside that object will be deployed. The custom object and all the nested components will appear as components being deployed in the deployment status page in Salesforce but your deployment record in Copado will contain a single custom object component. 

This behavior is expected.

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