Assign Environment Maximum Static Code Analysis Score

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

The maximum static code analysis score (maximum SCA score) is a value you can assign to an environment if you don’t want that the violations found during a static code analysis scan exceed a certain score:

When you create a rule to be used during a scan, you have to give it a priority depending on the importance this rule has with regard to your business needs. This priority is later used in the violation score, which is calculated by subtracting the selected rule priority from 6 (6 - selected priority).

If you are using PMD, the maximum SCA score value will be used as a reference in the SCA Result graph on the Promotion page, where you can compare the score of the violations against the maximum SCA score:

To assign a maximum SCA score value to an environment, you just need to navigate to the Environment record and add the desired value to the Maximum SCA Score field.

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