Copado Custom Settings

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

There are two custom settings that you can use to create and manage custom data in Copado. In this article we will describe each of them in more detail.

Git Operation Restriction

  • Active: This checkbox allows you to restrict the number of Git operations a user can see when clicking on Commit Changes. For more information, check out the article Restricting Git Operations.
  • Git Operation Name: In this field, you can enter the Git operations you want to restrict in a semi-colon-separated list.

Personal Settings

  • API Key: This custom field stores the value of the API key you create and that will be used for Copado webhooks and jobs.
  • AccessStatusColumn: This option appears when you click on Execute Test Run. You can choose between icons and picklist values to set the status of a test step. For more information, check out the article Test Runs (Test Executions).

Build Task Rows: The number in this field represents the number of build task rows that will be displayed when viewing a continuous integration.

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