Burndown Chart Overview

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A Burndown Chart is a graphical view that compares the current progress of the items in a sprint with the planned progress.


In order for the Burndown chart to be displayed in the Sprint Wall record, there are a few prerequisites:

  • The sprint needs to be linked to a project.
  • The sprint needs to have a start and an end date, and the current date should be between these two dates.
  • The user stories linked to the sprint should have both SFDC story points and a progress percentage. These two fields (Story Points SFDC and Progress) can be found in the User Story layout.


The Burndown Chart icon appears only in ‘Closed’ and ‘Active’ sprints.

Best Practices

To explain the best practices for using a Burn Down chart let's use this sample:

  1. Click the chart icon.
  2. A Burn Down chart appears as shown here.

  • The burndown calculation used in this chart is executed at night. This is to ensure that everyone has finished working and the calculation is accurate.
  • You can schedule a burndown chart calculation depending on your needs. For more information about how to do this, check out the article How to Schedule a Burndown Chart Calculation.
  • This chart takes into account all the story points of all the user stories included in the sprint and the number of days in the sprint.
  • The static green line represents the sprint start and end dates. It shows the expected or planned sprint velocity.
  • The grey line with red dots is the one that is actually calculated when the calculation is run or when you click Refresh.
  • Each dot represents the planned velocity minus the actual velocity for a given date.
    Planned velocity is the sum of all the points of all the user stories in the sprint.
  • In the sample chart the green line is assuming we didn’t complete any work on the first day, that is 31st May, but we did complete some points, so the grey line shows we are ahead of the sprint.
  • Each of the dots in the chart corresponds to a burndown item, which can be reviewed in the Burndown Items tab.
  • A new Burndown Item is created everyday when the calculation is run for that day.
  • In case of closed sprints, all Burndown Item’s records are cleared and the info is added to an attachment. The chart that is now displayed is based on this attachment.
  • Copado keeps cleaning Burndown Item’s records.
  • As the calculation is run at night, even if the sprint was closed in the evening that day, a query will be performed to see if there are any records that need to be deleted and added to the attachment. This query will be included in the chart.

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