Commit process performance

The time it takes for a commit in Copado to be completed depends mostly on:

  1. The time it takes for the metadata to be retrieved from the source org. This depends on the performance of the instance where your org is located.
  2. The time it takes for your repository to be cloned. This depends on the size of your repository and the connection with the server where it is located if it's a repository on premise.
  3. The amount and the type of components committed.

This is exactly what happens when developers do a commit in Copado.

  1. Copado will create a brand new Copado backend dyno to process the request.
  2. Copado will fetch the required branches and last N commits needed to do the commit, merge, push.
  3. Copado will retrieve the "to be committed" components from the source org.
  4. Copado will create a new feature branch if it doesn't exist yet.
  5. Copado will merge retrieved components into the feature branch.
  6. Copado will merge the feature branch into the source orgs branch.
  7. Copado will automatically handle conflicts if any during the merge process for xml files.
  8. Copado will push the merge commit back to your repository.
  9. Copado will update the user story with the Commit information.

Considering that information, the commit process can take 1-2 minutes for small repositories in the cloud with source orgs located on a well performing Salesforce instance when only a few components are committed but it can take also 10-15 minutes for big repositories on premise with slow server connections and organizations located on not good performing Salesforce instances.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance no only in the commit process but in Copado in general so you can definitely expect improvements on these times in the future.

Now, if you still think that the commits are taking too much time or you have noticed and increase in the time since one specific date, please provide us with the information below so that we can review the commits on your organization.

  1. The organization Id where Copado is installed. Do not forget to grant us login access.
  2. Time that it takes for the commit to be completed. Please provide the specific duration.
  3. Time that it used to take before you noticed the performance degradation. Please provide the specific duration.
  4. Date when you started noticing the performance degradation.
  5. User stories (3-5) where the commit is taking more time than expected.
  6. User stories (3-5) with commits made before the performance degradation started.

Note for Copado v11.

If you are using Copado v11, you may have noticed that the commit is completed in Git but the pop up with the commit status in the commit page is still running. This is a Known Issue on Copado v11. The pop up will not be updated and it will be displayed until the page is refreshed. This doesn't mean that the commit is not finished. If the commit page is refreshed and the pop up is gone, the commit has been completed. Navigate to the user story and check the User Story Selections. If your components are there, the commit was already completed.

This issue (pop up getting stuck on commit page) will happen randomly so, if you believe a commit is taking more than usual, refresh the commit page after 2-5 minutes to see if the commit was already completed.

This issue is fixed on higher versions of Copado.

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