Backend Release 2021-04-12

Updated 6 months ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Copado now supports PMD v.6.31. For more information about the new rules included in this version, check out the article New PMD Rules.
  • Performance improvements have been made for some deployment operations.

Bug Fixes

  • It’s no longer required to have an environment branch for each scratch org linked to the pipeline, so when committing scratch org metadata, if the environment branch does not exist, Copado will not merge the feature branch. 
  • When running a PMD SCA test, the results are created with a PMD record type (KI-00381).
  • If the SCA uses CodeScan in the Cloud, the SCA results are now shown on the user story (KI-00381).
  • When deploying layouts with CustomObjectTranslation, the following error message will no longer be displayed: "named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory" (KI-00390).
  • When deploying nested components that belong to custom objects like custom fields, validation rules, list views, or fieldsets, along with translations, you will no longer receive the error message: "Not in package.xml" (KI-00391).
  • The flow test coverage error is now showing in the deployment results record, as well as on the deployment status page in the production org (KI-00346). 
  • Some enhancements have been made to full profile deployments using Git operation to reduce the number of retries required to perform the deployment (KI-00306).

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