Introduction to Value Stream Maps

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Copado’s Value Stream Maps bring visibility to your development lifecycle, helping your teams to optimize the DevOps practices and to maximize the ROI of cloud investments.

Visualizing each stage of the development lifecycle, from request to delivery, enables you to better expose bottlenecks, waste, and risk in your processes. Value Stream Maps display important metrics for each stage of your development lifecycle, which can help you strategically improve how teams operate so that they can deliver value faster. 

From value-driven planning to process re-engineering, Value Stream Maps enable continuous improvement in your DevOps practice.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that this feature can provide to your team.

Benefits of Value Stream Maps

  • Ability to identify bottlenecks in any business process.
  • Capture time to value for features that are developed. 
  • Insightful metrics on your teams and business processes.
  • Bring visibility to end-to-end DevOps processes to visualize how work is delivered to customers.
  • Tie business value to technical delivery so you can plan and prioritize work based on value-added to the business.

For more specifications about this feature, check out the article How to Create Value Stream Maps.

If you have not installed yet these packages, follow the relevant installation instructions:

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