Deploying a Data Set

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In the Data Sets article, you learnt about what a data set is and how you can create a data set. Once you are done building your data set, there are different options you can use to deploy your data. Let’s explore them in more detail.

Deploying a Data Set from a Data Set Record 

If you want to deploy your data straightaway, you can use the Deploy Data Set button on the Data Set record:

Deploy Data Set Button

  1. Navigate to an existing Data Set record and click on Deploy Data Set.
  2. A pop-up window will appear where you need to provide the destination org for your deployment (the source org of the deployment will be the org you selected when you generated the data set).
  3. Copado will then create a Deployment record with a Data Template deployment step and will deploy the data set.

Deploying a Data Set from a Deployment Record

If you want to deploy your data set and perform additional actions as part of this deployment (for instance doing a data backup), you can create an Advanced (multi-step) deployment and add a Data Template deployment step.

  1. Navigate to the Deployments tab and click on New.
  2. Select the Advanced (multi-step) record type and click on Next.
  3. Give your deployment a name and select a source org.
  4. Next, provide a destination org.
  5. Then, click on Add Step to add a new deployment step.
  6. Select Data Template and select a data set as your data source.
    Data set source

  1. Select your data set and click on Save to save the step.
  2. Add any other steps, if desired, and click on Deploy.

Deploying a Data Set as Part of a User Story

Copado also enables you to deploy data sets as part of a user story. You can do this through data commits or using a Data Template deployment task. For more information about this option, review the article Deploying Data as Part of a User Story.

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