Deployment Step: Delete MetaData

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

Copado allows you to manage and create deployment steps when executing a deployment. There are several deployment steps you can create, depending on the action you want to execute. In this article we will discuss the Delete MetaData deployment step.

The Delete MetaData deployment step lets you delete metadata components in the destination organization using the Metadata API (destructive package).

To create a Delete MetaData deployment, create an Advanced (multi-step) deployment and add a Delete MetaData step:

When this deployment step is executed, the selected metadata components are deleted in the destination organization. This deletion is performed from org to org, but not in the Git repository. To also delete the selected metadata in the Git repository, create a destructive change from the User Story Commit page. For more information about destructive changes check out the article Destructive Changes.

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