Pull Request Usage

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

After having successfully configured a webhook in GitHub, pull requests made from a user story feature branch will be received by Copado and displayed on the User Story detail page:

Copado also tracks pull requests' code reviews which you can see in the Pull Request Detail page in Copado:

After a successful promotion and deployment of the user story to the destination environment, the pull request will automatically change the status from open to closed, with the merged flag checked.

Once a pull request is created, the user story will be automatically updated with the mergeable status of the pull request when it is available.

When indexing user story metadata, you can leverage the pull request functionality to compare two feature branches that have changes in the same metadata components in order to review if the changes are mergeable or if there are conflicts between the feature branches (check out the article User Story Metadata Index for more information). Once you have reviewed the pull request, you should not merge it, as Copado will handle the merge for you (take a look at the article Copado Branching Strategy to learn more).

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