Summer '19 - Release Notes

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Important: This is a major release. Please, read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading, and follow them carefully afterwards. Test on a sandbox first.

Application Name Changes

If you have installed Summer ‘19 from scratch, the following applications have been renamed:

  • Copado Change Management has been renamed Copado Developer.
  • Copado Branch Management has been renamed Copado Pipeline Manager.
  • Copado has been renamed Copado Release Manager.
Please note that if you are upgrading from an older version, the name of the apps will not change, but you can manually update it if you wish.

Branch Management Enhancements

  • The Deployment Flow object name is now Pipeline.
  • The Deployment Flow Step object name is now Pipeline Connection.
  • New wizard to quickly set up Copado that assigns Copado licenses, connects the Git repository and automatically creates the Pipeline, Git Snapshot records and Git branches for you. Also, you can optionally select a pipeline template to easily create pipeline connections with the new wizard.
  • Easily authenticate and add new environments to your pipeline with the new pipeline diagram.
  • New Pipeline Manager page:
    • Orchestrate all your user story deployments in a single view.
    • Use quick filters to find the user stories to deploy.
    • See the user stories ahead and behind count in all environments.
    • See user stories that are pending approval in all environments.
    • Hide the stages in your pipeline to gain more visibility over the stages you want to focus on.
  • Promote changes:
    • User stories from different projects can now be promoted and deployed together.
    • You can now choose the test level before clicking on the Promote and Deploy button.
  • Mass Back Promote:
    • Filter user stories with a text search.
    • A new field set lets you customize user stories’ table columns.

Commit Page Enhancements

  • New design that reduces the header size and enlarges the grid size to select components more comfortably.
  • Performance improvement. The page is now loading three times faster.

Promotion Enhancements

  • When there are two or more user stories in a promotion with the same component committed, and the last commit date of the component is more recent in a user story with a lower number, a Create User Story button will appear, which will allow you to create a new user story that will include the latest version of the component. For more information about this feature, check out the article Promotion Outdated Components.

User Story Enhancements

  • The Last Promotion Date is automatically saved in the user story. You can leverage the promotion merge order (v12) functionality, to merge user stories based on the order in which they were promoted to the source environment.
  • User Story Dependencies. Link a parent user story with child user stories.
    • If child user stories are included in a promotion without the parent user story, Copado displays a warning message. You can include the parent user story in the promotion or continue without it.

Git Repository Enhancements

  • New wizard to quickly create and authenticate a Git repository record.
  • Copado autopopulates the base URLs of all repository providers (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Microsoft) so that you don’t have to add them manually.

Org Credentials Enhancements

  • The Set OAuth Authentication button label is now Authenticate.
  • New setting for the default org credential behavior. You can now specify if you want the default credential to be applied only if the user does not have a credential in the destination org instead of applying it always (standard behavior). For more information, check out the article Org Credentials Update.

Selenium Enhancements

Static Code Analysis Enhancements

  • When working with CodeScan, if there are any violations, Copado now redirects you to the relevant violation in CodeScan. Resolution and Status are now reported back to the platform.

Copado Compliance Hub

  • UI redesign to create rules in a quicker and more proactive way.

Copado Core

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