Pathfinder Licenses

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The pathfinder model includes three types of licenses:

  • DevOps Administrator
  • User
  • Plan

DevOps Administrator

License Details

This license includes unlimited OAuth authentication to Salesforce orgs, automated Apex testing, continuous integration with Git repositories, Git metadata backups, metadata and data deployments, and difference calculations. It also includes all change management functionality, but not Selenium testing. It offers access to all Copado functionality, and only users with this license are able to deploy to production.


Typically release managers, senior developers and maybe project managers would be assigned the DevOps Administrator license as these users manage the release management process, perform deployments to production and need the extended range of functionalities.


License Details

This license is designed to help customers better manage the release management process of requirements from one or multiple sandboxes to production. It allows business users and developers to interact with user stories and manage projects following agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, etc.).

This license is restricted to user story functionality where users assigned to this license will contribute to the pipeline, and these users are allowed to perform deployments to all types of sandboxes. They simply interact with the user stories, add metadata to their user stories and in doing so contribute to the deployment pipeline. 


Typical users assigned to this license type are developers, project managers, business users, release managers, scrum masters, product owners or admins. 


License Details

This license gives you access to basic functionality such as user stories, sprints, epics, etc. However, you will not be able to commit changes to user stories, deploy user stories or add deployment-related information to user stories.

The plan license allows non-deployment related users to define or work on user stories within the same system as developers.


Typical users that are assigned this license type are developers, project managers, business users, scrum masters, product owners and functional testers.

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