Copado Compliance Hub (CCH)

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

Copado Compliance Hub will give you access to the first compliance application for Salesforce orgs and will allow you to monitor and enforce compliance rules on your business for all metadata changes made in your environments.

License details: This is a user-dependent license which includes access to Plan-related items. You only need this license to set up and monitor compliance rules. Users with Copado User and Admin licenses can run scans or automate scan runs.

Users/Roles: Compliance officers and compliance team members.


  • Enhance security with the first compliance hub for Salesforce. 
  • Create and assign a compliance rule group at an environment Level.
  • Run compliance scans for a complete org, a particular user story,  a Git repository or a branch.
  • Automatically alert or prevent deployments with compliance violations, according to customizable criteria.
  • Review compliance findings.
  • Prevent data leaks and exposure of confidential data.
  • Abort a process that is violating a compliance rule (commit/deploy). 
  • Schedule compliance scans.

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