Git Snapshot Overview

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Git Snapshot Overview

A Git snapshot in Copado defines a connection between a Salesforce org and a Git repository/branch. Once the connection is established, Git snapshots can be used for the following:

The use of .gitignore files is supported by Copado's Git snapshot process.
A .gitignore file can be used to exclude files from a repository. This is particularly useful when using Git snapshots together with Copado Continuous Integration in order to create automated builds and exclude files that don't have to be deployed to the destination org. Make sure that excluded files are not in the repository before using the .gitignore files. You can find more information about .gitignore files here.

Creating a Git Snapshot Record

  1. Navigate to the Git Snapshots tab.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Select your Git repository and Salesforce org.
  4. Set the branch. By default the master branch is selected, but this can be changed to a branch of your choice.
  5. Choose the Git Snapshot Permissions, Allow Snapshots & Commits, Allow Snapshots Only or Allow Commits Only.
  6. Choose the backup Frequency. The available frequencies are DailyWeekly and Monthly.
  7. Click on Save:

Advanced Metadata Filter

This filter allows you to limit the metadata types that are included in the snapshots. For instance, if you only need to track code in Git, you can select ApexPage, ApexClass, ApexComponent and StaticResource.

Even if you need to backup all your metadata, you might want to exclude, documents, reports, roles or groups, which in big organizations have a lot of items and do not add too much value to the backup.

Compliance Details

Review the status of the Compliance Scan Runs against the components committed in the branch specified in the Git snapshot. Scan results records are stored in the Compliance Scan Results related list.

Static Resources to Be Unzipped

This allows you to choose the zipped static resources to be unzipped before being committed to the repository. You can version the files within a Zip file. JavaScript/CSS files within static resources will have the same traceability as Apex code:

Other Information

Copado incorporates a field set, so that you can customize the information shown in the Other information section of the Git Snapshot record.

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