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Velocity is what enables you to measure the rate at which scrum development teams consistently deliver business value. Velocity directly depends upon the story points assigned to each User Story in a Sprint.

Velocity enables you to perform these tasks:

  • Predict how much scope can be delivered by a specific date.
  • Predict a date for a fixed amount of scope to be delivered.
  • Understand your limits while defining the amount of scope you will commit for a sprint.

Copado Sprint Velocity

In Copado you need to understand 3 types of Velocity to be able to manage your Sprint efficiently.

  • Initial Velocity
  • Planned Velocity
  • Actual Planned Velocity
Initial Velocity

This velocity is calculated when the Sprint status is changed to In Progress. To calculate this velocity the system adds up the points assigned to all User Stories added to the specific Sprint. As this is calculated once at the beginning of a Sprint, it is a static value and doesn’t change later.

Planned Velocity

This velocity is recalculated with each and every change made to the points assigned to the User Stories. It also gets recalculated when new User Stories are added. Hence this is a dynamic value.

Actual Planned Velocity

This velocity is calculated by the system as a sum of all story points of User Stories with the status as Completed. By default the Actual Planned Velocity is calculated based on the Completed status however, this can be customized as explained in the section Steps to configure the Actual Planned Velocity Status.

Steps to configure the Actual Planned Velocity Status

It is up to you to decide which User Story statuses you want to consider for calculating the Actual Planned Velocity. To customize this perform these steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Code > Custom Metadata Type.
  2. Go to Copado Settings > Manage records
  3. Go to Actual Planned Velocity Statuses.
  4. Here you can either change or add more comma-separated values to the existing default value of Completed, for example, Approved.
    Remember you can only add values that already exist as User Story statuses. As this is manually entered, you must be careful about the spelling.
Actual Planned Velocity will be recalculated only if you first go to a specific User Story, change the status, save the record, and then refresh the Sprint Wall.

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