How to Get the List of Differences Returned in the Org Differences Grid

The information below applies to the Org Differences feature, not Snapshot Differences.

Although there is not a feature in Copado to export the list of differences returned in the Org Differences record, there is a workaround you can use to get them.

After running the org differences, get the org differences record id from the url, e.g. a0S0Y000005liYXUAY

Navigate to the Home page and remove ‘home/home.jsp’ from the url.

Paste the org differences record Id and add ?nooverride

You should have a URL similar to this one:


You are looking now at the Org Differences record overriding the Visualforce page.

The OrgDiff attachment contains all the differences displayed on the grid on the Visualforce page in JSON format.

Please note this is just a workaround and not a formal way of getting the list of differences. This is the reason why the attachment is in JSON format.

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