User Stories - Add Metadata

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The User Stories - Add Metadata functionality is used to deploy metadata from org to org.

If you are working with Git and Copado Branch Management, use the Commit Changes functionality instead of tracking and deploying changes from version control.

To add metadata to a user story you must select a credential. The Environment field will be automatically populated. Once the user story is saved, you can click on Add Metadata. This will load a new window where you can select components and save them.

When Apex code is added to a user story, the checkbox Has Apex Code will be automatically checked.


If you are unable to add metadata to a user story and a message saying 'Sending request' stays there and nothing happens follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your user has CRED permissions on Push Topics and Copado Notification objects.
  2. On the developer console enter the following query: SELECT Id, Name from Attachment where ParentId = 'USER_STORY_RECORD_ID'.
  3. Delete the attachment with the name: PROGRESS_STATUS_COPADO.
  4. Go back to the user story and try to add the metadata.

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