Metadata Commit Grid Refresh Failing or Freezing

Whenever the refresh of the metadata grid in the commit page is triggered, a refresh in the corresponding org credential linked to the git snapshot is triggered. This process will describe all the metadata in the org and will save the results in an attachment named Metadata in the Org Credential. The components in the grid in the commit page is obtained from that Metadata attachment.

The more components you have in the org, the bigger the Metadata attachment will be. If the Metadata attachment exceeds the maximum size allowed by Salesforce, by default 25Mb, the attachment won't be created and you won't see any component in the grid, or it won't be updated and you won't see new components that didn't exist in the attachment before that refresh.

Whenever this happens, you will notice that the refresh process fails or doesn't update the components in the grid. If this happens, you can do the following:

- Increase the attachment size limit in the org. This Salesforce article explains how.
- Exclude component types in the org credential related to the git snapshot to reduce the number of components described and reduce the size of the Metadata attachment generated.
- Enable Type Filtered Metadata Grid

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