Backend Release 2020-11-30

Updated 1 year ago by Copado Solutions


  • When generating external Ids, the batch size used to update the object records will be the same batch size as in the object's data template.
  • Significant refactors and architectural changes have been made in Copado Compliance Hub to make it faster, more robust and more dynamic to scale in the future. If you’re using it, there will be some changes that will require you to follow specific instructions. Please click on this document to make the proper changes.

Bug fixes

  • Committing reports from the unfiled$public folder with Destructive Changes is now working as expected (KI-00301).
  • Flow Access in PermissionSets is now being committed to the Feature Branch (KI-00304). 
  • Copado Compliance Hub is now returning the correct findings when scanning an org with the rule sharingModel.value<EQUALS>ReadWrite. Objects with externalSharingModel equals to ReadWrite are no longer returned. (KI-00246). 

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