Types of Licenses

Updated 6 months ago by Copado Solutions

Copado License Manager provides customers with 2 different types of subscription:

  • User-based: All users will be required to have a license to enjoy the features available with that license. User-based licenses in Copado are Copado Enterprise Edition (CEE), Copado Change Management (CCM), Advanced Data Deploy (ADD), (Copado Agile Delivery (CAD), Copado Selenium Testing (CST) and Copado Compliance Hub (CCH). 
  • Feature-based: One license will be required for enabling the feature. Feature-based licenses in Copado are Copado Branch Management (CBM) and Copado Selenium Minutes

Copado also provides:

  • Packages: Packages are not licenses by themselves, but they accompany licenses. Each CEE license includes a credits package and each CST license includes a Selenium minutes package. Both are renewed every month and customers can buy more packages of any of them if needed.

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