Unlocked Packages Overview

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Unlocked Packages Overview

Unlocked packages give Salesforce customers a means to organize their metadata into a package and then deploy the metadata (via packages) to different orgs.  

Some of the advantages of using unlocked packages include:

  1. Options for enterprise customers to organize and deploy metadata to production orgs.
  2. Possibility of creating package dependencies. Please refer to the Packages Dependencies article for more information.
  3. Feature branch development and testing.
  4. Packages that are built directly from the source.
  5. Ease of development and distribution of dependent packages.

Unlocked packages enable a new way of working with metadata. First of all, you split or organize your metadata into logical packages (e.g. a 'Sales' package that contains sales-related components, a 'Service' package that includes case-related components, a 'Custom App' package with components from your custom app).

You can then provide your teams of developers with the ownership of certain packages so that they can work on them and deploy the ones they own to production independently of other packages (e.g. deploy Account object changes by releasing a new version of the 'Sales' package).

Please visit the article Creating an Unlocked Package to learn how to create unlocked packages.

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