Version 6.0 - Release Notes

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Key Features

  • We are introducing Continuous Delivery (CD) for Copado Change Management (CCM). With a simple checkbox (Promote and Deploy) a User Story can be automatically promoted and deployed to the next Environment. More info here.
  • We are introducing Copado Permissioner (CP). Users now have the ability to define Personas and Persona Permissions, so that when assigning a Persona to a User, the User will get automatically the Permission Sets assignments permanently or for defined period of time.
  • The Copado application suite is now shipped with a variety of Permission Sets that will help customers to define their security model for Copado.
  • Copado Permissioner can be used to manage permissions of any Salesforce application, not just Copado.
  • Copado License Manager displays the user list sorted by name.
  • Default Org Credential for Promotions. Release managers won't have to own credentials to each environment if there is a Default one.

Upgrade instructions

User Story page layouts has to be edited in order to include the new User Story fields used for the new Continuous Delivery feature.

New Objects and Fields

Make sure OLS, FLS and Tab Visibility are properly set for the following components:

  • New Custom Objects: Persona, Persona Permission and User Persona Assignment.
  • New Custom Fields: 
    • User Story -> Promote and Deploy
    • User Story -> Promote as Single Step
    • User Story -> Promotion Test Level
    • User Story -> Validate Only.
    • Org Credential -> Default Credential

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