Is There a Way to Establish Quality Gates for User Stories or Promotions?

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

With Copado Continuous Delivery, you can set up different quality gates that will run before or after the deployment of user stories, depending on the execution sequence selected. These quality gates include Apex test, compliance scan, pull request, manual approval and manual test, Selenium test, static code analysis, validation and url callout.

Alternatively, Copado populates several fields in the User Story record which can be used to set a variety of quality gates using Salesforce’s customization capabilities (validation rules, workflows, flows/processes). These quality gates can be: 

  • Preventing specific users from deploying a user story to specific environments.
  • Preventing a deployment if a certain code coverage is not achieved.
  • Preventing a deployment if Apex test executions fail.
  • Only allowing specific users to perform validation deployments.

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