Backend release 2020-12-21

Updated 10 months ago by Copado Solutions

Bug Fixes

  • Copado no longer includes picklist values when you deploy a record type with no fields selected (KI-00297).
  • When committing Person Account's record type along with the custom field of Accounts, the promotion branch is now getting updated with the feature branch changes.(KI-00313)
  • When committing destructive changes via snapshots, you no longer receive the error message: “Unexpected Error while taking a Snapshot. Id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Message: Push wasn't done due to an error. Tip: check git permissions and authentication key access” (KI-00302).
  • Flows with permission sets and profiles are now getting committed to the feature branch (KI-00304).
  • Compliance scans run on permission sets with licence types are now working as expected.
  • Compliance scans in an org with the rule sharingModel.value<EQUALS>ReadWrite are no longer missing findings (KI-00258).
  • If you have several profiles whose names contain ‘Read Only’ and create a rule to detect the allowEdit or allowCreate set to TRUE on those profiles, when running a compliance scan, not all the relevant profiles were returned, and those profiles that were returned did not include all the relevant objects. This issue has now been fixed (KI-00267).

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