Unable to save Test Cases from Copado recorder

When trying to save a test case from the Copado Recorder, you may get an error similar to this one:

There was an error saving the test case. The error was: " Error - Copado Please read carefully the message below. You might need to take action in order to solve this problem. Unauthorized If you can't solve this problem please log a case on the Success Community at https://success.copa.do Back to Copado (401 undefined)"

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This can happen if you are not using the right Copado Recorder. During the Selenium setup, you are asked to add the Copado Recorder extension to your Chrome browser. There are 2 different extensions depending on the Copado server you are using.

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Which Copado server are you using?

If you never asked Copado to change your server to EU, you are running into the US server. This has nothing to do with the location of your company or the Salesforce instance of the org where Copado is installed.

Which version of the Copado Recorder are you using?

You can check the version of the Copado Recorder by doing right click on the Copado Recorder icon in the browser. If the name contains EU at the end, you are using the EU version. Otherwise you are using the US one.

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Make sure the version of the Copado Recorder matches the location of the Copado servers of your company.

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