Apex Test Result Summary email show not Code Coverage

The apex test result summary email has 0,0% of Code Coverage but you have code coverage in Copado must review if the information of the attachment that Copado use to generate the email is correct or not.

 How to check the email attachment:
  1. Go to the apex test result related list and open the apex test result record affected.
  2. In the apex test result record download the attachment file call ApexTestResult in the Notes & Attachments related list.
  3. Verify that the file contains correct values for code coverage, there is an example below:

After that, If the content of the attachment is correct must verify if the WorkflowRule has a correct configuration. All the information to set up the workflow rule is in the link below:

How to setup Apex Test Results Summary Email

IMPORTANT - If you don't use the time-based trigger to activate the email alert could produce an error.

If this information cannot fix the error, please contact Copado Support.

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