Version 5.1 - Release Notes

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

Copado Selenium Testing is a platform that allows non-technical resources to easily create and maintain test cases and run these in the cloud with no infrastructure requirements. Quality Assurance departments will now be fully integrated into the release management cycle and can leverage the Copado Salesforce based platform together with developers and release managers to increase productivity.  Key Features:

  • Copado Selenium recorder - create test cases once & run in all orgs seamlessly.
  • Data driven testing
  • Leverage Copado OAuth - no need to store usernames and passwords in test cases.
  • Support for 900+ browsers including mobile browsers.
  • Copado's Webhook API to trigger tests from anywhere.
  • Introducing Copado scheduler - schedule any job (easy UI included)
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Maintain Test Script versions - Each org can be assigned a different version.
  • Promote and roll-back test case versions.
  • Environment Variables for parameterized test scripts.
  • Test any web application, Salesforce portal or Salesforce org.

Upgrade Instructions

Edit Deployment Flow Views As Follows
  • It's handy to add the new field "Manage branches" to quickly access CBM functionality"
Edit Environment Layout As Follows
  • Add related list called "Environment Variables".
New Objects and Fields

Make sure OLS and FLS are properly set for the following components:

  • New Custom Field: Deployment Flow -> Manage branches
  • New Custom Object: Selenium * (all copado objects starting with the Selenium prefix)
  • New Custom Object: Environmental Variables

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