How to cancel the Pipeline Wizard.

With Copado v13 we have introduced the Pipeline Wizard that will help you to complete the Setup of your Pipeline.

The wizard will ask you to enter some details related to the Git Repository you are going to use, production org and pipeline template. If at some point of the process there is an issue, the wizard might get stuck and anytime you click on the Pipeline Manager tab you will be redirected to the same point of the process which is never completed. You also may need to cancel the Wizard because you already completed the Pipeline or you just do not want to complete it and instead, use an existing one.

How do you cancel the wizard?

1. Click on the Pipeline tab.
2. Click on New. The pop up below appears.

User-added image

3. Click on the "Start New" button. You will be redirected to the initial Wizard page.

User-added image

4. Close that tab. The Wizard in progress is now cancelled.

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