Data Deployment Error: ExceededQuota: ApiBatchItems Limit exceeded

When doing a data deployment, Salesforce may return the following error:

“ExceededQuota : ApiBatchItems Limit exceeded.” 
This error indicates you have exceeded the available limit of batch API requests in the source or destination organizations. To migrate all related data and associate it correctly, Copado traverses all the relationship combinations you have selected in the data template, which utilize batch query, and insert/update/upsert API requests. In addition, other processes could be running in the organization making batch API calls. 

To fix this issue, follow any of the options below:
  1. Either divide the deployment into two data templates or reduce the number of objects/relationships selected for deployment in the Parent Objects and Child Objects tabs, especially the ones with custom upsert options. 
  2. Either decrease other processes that consume API calls or request an API limit increase from Salesforce by opening a support case with Salesforce.

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