Copado Analytics Use Cases and Limits

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Use Case Coverage

Copado Analytics is a suite of advanced, interactive visualizations that give insight into your development process with Copado. It provides CIO level metrics as well as dashboards for optimizing planning, development and deployment. Copado Analytics include the following use cases:

  • View and customize a suite of standard reports and a single dashboard (utilizing Salesforce reports and dashboards)
  • View a suite of four dashboards within the Copado Analytics package: Overview, Planning, Development and Deployment.
  • View dashboards and interact with dashboards by clicking on areas within each component.
  • Apply filters to dashboards and see filtered data.

Limits and Recommendations for Advanced Analytics

  • Custom metrics cannot be added to the set of dashboards. 
  • You will not be able to build your own dashboards or components. 
  • Exporting the dashboard template to view with your own Tableau instance is out of scope.
  • Data will be synced every 6 hours from the authorized connection.

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