How to remove Datasets from Selenium Test Cases.

When editing a Selenium Test Case with one or more Datasets, you will notice that there is no button or option to remove datasets.

Copado does not offer the possibility of removing datasets from the test cases. The reason for that is to preserve data integrity since datasets might be already selected in a Test Suite.

A workaround that can be used to delete datasets from test cases is this.

Before deleting any dataset, make sure it has been removed from any test suit.

1. Suppose you have the teste case below:

User-added image

2. Scroll down in the Test Case page until you see the Notes & Attachments related list.
3. There is an Attachment "Copado.SeleniumTestData.json" that contains all the datasets.
4. Deleting that attachment will remove all the datasets, but will preserve the test case. 
5. You can also delete specific datasets in the attachment.

User-added image

6. Once the modifications have been done, you can upload the new attachment and delete the old one.

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