Conflict resolution shows components that are not part of the user story commit

When a feature branch is merged into a promotion branch, git merges the entire branch not only the components committed in the user story. So every file in these branches will be merged and if there are conflicts on these files and you have your online conflict resolution enabled, Copado will list these conflicts on the resolve conflicts page, not only the files that are part of your user story. Details are explained in this article.

This is an expected behaviour and happens when the master branch (the branch that feature branch is created from) has conflicted files with the target branch (the branch that promotion branch is created from).

To continue, you can resolve the conflicts manually for the components that are part of the user story and apply auto-resolve for the others. When you apply auto-resolve to these components since those files are not part of the user story, Copado will keep the content of the feature and promotion branches as it is and won’t modify the files.

Also you can vote for this idea in our community to change this behaviour.

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